Gawlik Paweł

Paweł Gawlik (WWW)
No Play Artist - title Length
1 Play Candy Girl - Crazy 03:13
2 Play Candy Girl - Glass 04:03
3 Play Candy Girl - Fake Boy 03:36
4 Play Candy Girl - Mamma 03:58
5 Play Candy Girl - In My Life 03:19
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Composer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist. sound engineer, studio producer and concert producer. He gained experience in many musical projects. From punk rock to chamber music through club music, jazz and large music projects. He composed music for multimedia projects, television, theater, documentaries, computer games, commercials and feature films. 

Among others, he collaborated with: Słowacki  Theatre ,  Syrena  Theatre , Kamienica Theatre, TVP 1, TVP 2, local TVP , RMF radio, Radio Zet, Radio ESKA, the band Analog, Sote, Kasia Kowalska, ONA, T. Love, Lady Pank, Kult, Magda Femme, Ryszard Rynkowski, Candy Girl, Das Moon, Wet Fingers, East Clubbers, Narine, Doda, Tomasz Lubert.