Georg Lichtenauer

Georg Lichtenauer aka Valesta is an Austrian producer notably known for being part of electro- pop band ‘Ghost Capsules’ over the last three years. Here we see Valesta return as a solo artist with his new EP ‘Hurricane’, being offered up via Vienna based imprint Jhruza Records.

Title cut ‘Hurricane’ opens things up, seeing Valesta employing an animated amalgamation of sounds to create a unique and charming record with a contemporary Nu-Disco aesthetic. Following is ‘If It Happens feat. Bam’, which takes things into more understated realms with dreamy melodies, sweeping vocal echoes and squelchy acidic bass sounds, resulting in a mood- driven early hours number. Then the package is rounded off with ‘Take A Break’ which presents a deep and lighter style of production from Valesta, with cosseting pad lines and warm chord sequences and bubbling arpeggios being brought into the limelight, resulting in an airy, sun soaked number to round off the package.