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VNV Nation / Ronan Harris (WWW)
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Ronan Harris (born 14 June 1967) is a member of the act VNV Nation, along with Mark Jackson. For live shows the band are joined by two keyboard players. Ronan is credited with the songwriting, productio, lyrical and vocalaspects of the band's music. In the years preceding VNV Nation's debut album 'Advance and Follow', he worked for Q8 Petroleum in central London as an IT Manager and was a journalist / webmaster for dark electro magazine Side-Line.

It is a joke that the beginnings of Harris' leanings toward darker music originate from his childhood, when his mother would have hummed Whitehouse tunes while baking in the kitchen.

Harris performed vocals for the futurepop supergroup Bruderschaft on their Forever EP, and appeared on AFI's 2006 Decemberunderground album, providing electronic sequences and effects for some of the songs. Additionally, he has produced the 2001 Angels and Agony album Eternity as well as remixes for a fair number of bands. He was a co-founder of Dependent Records but left the label after VNV's Future Perfect album was released.

In 2006, Ronan Harris founded his new solo project Modcom, producing instrumental electronic music based entirely on the usage of analog sequencers and synthesizers.

Harris also performs live DJ sets.