Łyszkiewicz Maciej

Maciej łyszkiewicz (www)
No Play Artist - title Length
1 Play Leszcze - Irena Moja Milosc 04:33
2 Play Leszcze - Kombinuj Dziewczyno 03:46
3 Play Leszcze - Twe Usta Jak Maliny 04:08
4 Play No Limits - What Is Freedom 02:03
5 Play No Limits - On The River 05:03
6 Play No Limits - Samba Solo Para Te 03:18
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He is called "a shark" of Polish underground -  a great pianist and an accomplished author. He was the leader of “No Limits” band. He is also the composer of almost all songs of this band including “On the river” the first Polish Artist's song played by MTV. Maciej is also the father of two other big projects: “Lyczacza” smooth bossanova music and “Leszcze” - a funny pop band with such evergreens like “Irena” or “Kombinuj Dziewczyno” (“Think out Girl!”). During his over 20-year-long carrier Łyszkiewicz worked with the biggest names on Polish music stage like Agnieszka Osiecka, Dorota Marczyk, Double Swing.  He is also the author of the music composed to the film based on the book by a very famous Polish writer Marek Hłasko – „Pierwszy Krok W Chmurach” (“First Step in The Clouds”). He is a very creative and talented author.