Scholtz Adrian aka HELMUT

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1 Play Helmut - Holiday 03:18
2 Play Helmut - Overcome 04:19
3 Play Helmut - Golden Walls 04:16
4 Play Helmut - Same Same 04:07
5 Play Helmut - Face up 04:00
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You need to know what you want – nowadays. Just straight, focussed. No distraction. Achievement-orientated society and so on.
“Focus on the right thing”, is also a phrase sung by HELMUT in his song “MFYBUNCFM”. “Focus on the right thing/ the important things.” But probably he means something completely different than you might expect.
HELMUT – this name. Old-fashioned german name. But at the same time a monument. Versal written.
And then there is the music. Shimmering, fragile, layering, sometimes searching but always straight. HELMUT takes his time adding loop by loop, combining unagitated vocals with rudimental beats, rhythmic flipping, hand claps and from time to time Krautrock guitar loops. He shows that loop ways sometime are the short ways.
He is focussed on the main things, but nevertheless goes ahead with open eyes. For him music can be both – emotional & rational.
HELMUT’s loop based songs let lots of space, just to get more narrow again. Demanding beats meet shimmering fragility. And this is something typical for HELMUT – there is enough space for everything at the right time, at its time.
You don’t have to be fixed to anything.
After a classical guitar education HELMUT discovered Bossa – and Balkanrhythms, got interessted in Krautrock and finally ended up at Marius Bubat’s COMA-Studio in Cologne.
Back in Berlin Adrian hosted some events in diverse clubs called “HELMUT shows off his skilled friends”. With that he showed how work within a collectiv works: with organising abilities & fun.
HELMUT supported Joan As Police Woman and Au Revoir Simone, spent one year in Montreal, Canada, combined digital & analogue technics by selling the download codes of his self-released records on old C64-discs. HELMUT was invited by Beirut so open up his shows.
Someday it was more than obvious that HELMUT needed to climb a higher level. He convinced the legendary Haldern Pop Label to release his record „Polymono“.
“Focus on the right thing.” – first of all this means to HELMUT “Open your eyes, be curious and open” – this is HELMUT, this is his music.