Studio Modul

Studio Modul
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1 Play Alex Jekova - The Other Side of the Moon 03:37
2 Play Miro - Eagle 03:00
3 Play Miro - Gubia Kontrol [Remix] 03:43
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STUDIO MODUL is a leading Bulgarian music production team, consisting of Iassen Kozev and Krum Georgiev. Iassen and Krum gained recognition and success as a songwriting team with the song "Gubia Kontrol Kogato", performed by the Bulgarian artist Miro, which became the most performed song of 2009 in Bulgaria and won the award for best song of the year at Bulgarian Radio Annual Music Awards. For Miro’s participation in the 2010 Eurovision contest Studio Modul composed ‘Eagle’. Their song "Love Unlimited", performed by Sofi Marinova, was Bulgaria's song entry in the 2012 Eurovision Contest. One of Modul's latest collaborations is the song "The Other Side of the Moon", performed by Alex Jekova.
Iassen Kozev is a professional clarinetist, graduated from the National Music Academy /Sofia, Bulgaria/ and continued his studies in France and USA. Iassen is a composer of symphonic and chamber music and had his compositions published by one of the world’s most prestigious classical music label Harmonia Mundi. He has a profound experience also in electronic and house music - as part of the project Bulgaro he is a winner of multiple music awards both national and international and the group was invited to open Peter Gabriel’s and Deep Dish’s concerts in Bulgaria.
Krum Georgiev is one of the most creative and innovative composers and producers in Bulgaria, despite he never formally studied music. He composed songs for numerous Bulgarian artists like Stratia, Galia & Satin, Petar & Yoana and many others. Krum is also co-producer of one of the most successful Bulgarian music albums for the last decade – “Omirotvoren” by Miro, which received the award for Album Of the Year at the Bulgarian Radio Annual Music Awards.