Central office

Schubert Music Publishing sp. z o.o.
Relaksowa 33/39
02-796 Warsaw, Poland

Direct line: +48 22 546 96 00

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We have centralized some of our activities in our Warsaw administration headquarters. This brings both: better control over the overall copyright management process in all countries and gives our Partners the opportunity to talk just to one person, whenever it relates any admin issues, accounting, tracking or tax and financials matters.
Please find below the main contact details. To get a full list of all co-workers in Warsaw please go to

For all synchronization, cover or any other license requests please contact the relevant person in the respective country.



Andreas Schubert (CEO)
Founder and the strategic leader of all company operations worldwide.
phone: +48 22 546 96 01
mobile: Poland: +48 505 055 144
Austria: +43 650 687 7722
Marta Zgrzywa (COO)
Is responsible for the central office organization and integration of new partners and catalogues. Marta takes also care on the international development of the whole Schubert Music Group. Please feel free to contact her in any matter.
phone: +48 22 546 96 05
mobile: +48 515 234 250
Royalty Accounting
Krzysztof Brejnak (Head of Central Royalty Accounting)
Is leading our accounting team, being responsible for reporting section as well. You can contact Krzysztof with any matters regarding all aspects of royalty distribution.
phone: +48 22 546 96 04
Magdalena Kowalczyk (Head of Central Copyright)
Is leading our copyright team taking care on CRM for all affiliates in the central office in Warsaw. All copyright issues should be addressed to her as well as all official notifications contract copies etc.
phone: +48 22 546 96 07
Financial Controlling / Tracking / Reporting
Mariola Świderska (Head of Finance)
Is leading all financial operations of the central office and the group. She is the right contact person in any tax, financial or general reporting questions.
phone: +48 22 546 96 06
Creative Services
Róża Oremek (Vice President / Central Creative Services / Synch Licensing)
Besides being our Polish A&R, Róża co-ordinates all creative services in the central office, namely the exchange of information in the group and all international creative reporting. Roża is the right person to contact if you have some new exiting projects, writers ready for co-writes etc.
Róża is also our main synch person so you can contact her with any synch requests.
phone: +48 22 546 96 03
mobile: +48 505 055 146
Kasia Jurys (Creative Services / Income Tracking)
Kasia is responsible for musical files distribution and S-Tunes update so please send all mp3 files directly to her.
phone:+48 22 546 96 08