For artists

Having creative and top A&R we are now able to offer you support of highest quality when it comes to your repertoire. Song pitching and subsequent co-operation with producers and labels that we offer has resulted in quite a few hits so far and we strongly believe we can offer this kind of service to you, no matter whether you are a newcomer or a well established Artist.
So the basic things we can do for the Artist are:

  • finding the right repertoire which is possible by putting together Artist and our writers so that together they can create exactly the songs that satisfy the needs of the Artist;
  • co-operation with the proper producer who will be able to recognise Artist’s needs and ideas but will also give his own unique touch of talent, which combined with thorough knowledge gives the anticipated results;
  • approaching a label that will know how to market the act and make the most of it
Our A&R people know how to create positive working environment, how to coach and support the Artist so that finally they can launch the project that was exactly in the mind of the Artist.