For authors

Authors and their works need management…
We provide all necessary admin services an author might need so he can be concentrated on his creative work.

The basic tasks that we undertake comprise: - copyright registration including preparation of all needed documents
- handling of all legal affairs, providing also legal advice whenever needed in authors’ business life
- controlling of all royalty streams
- taking care of timely and accurate accounting

Beside the above we also try to help the author to get in touch with the right partners

- co-writers – who could deliver the missing part to your work (lyrics / or composition) and bring in new ideas
- artists - who need new songs in your home country and internationally
- producers and labels who might be interested in your ideas

We market actively your work with song placement for film, TV, advertising, games in our own territories and outside with our sub-publishing partners, keeping in constant contact with agencies, brands and film industry. As a producing publisher, we also finance or co-finance productions and / or demo productions and we are ready to pay advances to our authors based on individual negotiations.