For music publishers / catalog owners

Over the years, we have evolved the model of business that supports publishers in many various ways. Entrusting their rights with us all of them can be sure that they are managed in the best, quickest and most effective way.
This is possible thanks to:

  • experienced and dedicated team of professionals specializing in various fields of copyright administration;
  • centralized administration of copyrights allowing us to prepare and supervise registration process simultaneously in various collecting societies. The centralized service for copyright registration and accounting makes the daily life also easier for our partners entrusting us with their rights for various territories. They have always just one dedicated person to talk to about copyright, accounting or tracking, being sure that all information will flow through to the local affiliate.
  • our own copyright and royalty software which has been developed to be efficient, flexible and stable which makes it possible to handle huge amount of data, perform royalty accounting fast and accurately and carefully analyze the income details thanks to its reporting facilities.
Apart from the above we always emphasize how important it is to work actively with repertoire we represent. Contrary to centralization, creative service is given to our clients on a local level. Our A&R / Creative team is acting pro-actively, being in close contact with potential synch clients, artists, producers and record labels.
To be able to grow professionals in that, we have developed our own software for creative work with music. Having this kind of backup, we are able to organize music files, learn the repertoire and market it in the most efficient way. As a result the copyrights are frequently synchronized in films and commercials; are used for first and cover recordings; appear in print and are exploited in many other ways.