For record companies

We have recognised the change in the music business model over the past few years and now we know that the work of a music publisher and a label meet at a certain point.
This is exactly the moment that on one hand gives us both challenge and new possibilities and on the other hand enriches label’s catalogue.
With the support of our experienced A&R people we are able to collaborate in the project being developed by brining the proper repertoire.
And later on, having professional licence managers we are glad to cooperate in the master sale for the advertising campaigns, special projects, etc.
Also, more and more often these are the publishers who represent the master rights themselves. And this is exactly the way we once decided to work that’s why now our repertoire of songs, we can licence master rights to, is quite broad and includes various genres and styles. So if you are working on a new compilation or a special project we will be happy to give you the content and issue necessary licences.